WTC The Hague; naturally sustainable

Sustainability begins with the location. Initially, a project needs to contribute to an increase in value of the surrounding area where it is realised. The building in which WTC The Hague is situated, has a material positive influence on the area, providing a sustainable work and living environment.

Additionally, sustainability is about continuous environmental care. Therefore, the footprint of the building’s development should be as ‘light’ as possible. With this in mind, the building has been developed using thermal storage technology and many additional energy saving measures. In combination with the application of sustainable building materials, the building has been rewarded an 'Energy A' classification. All procured electricity is 100% green and energy usage in monitored continuously. This further stimulates additional investments in improvements of the sustainability footprint. In December 2016, WTC The Hague received the certificate BREEAM-NL-In-Use Excellent. This makes WTC The Hague the first mulit tenant building with this certificate. For more information about the BREEAM certificate, click here.

This approach also stimulates the environmental behaviour of tenants. NH Hoteles, for example, carry the Green Key, the international certified label for tourism, recreation and congress facility services providers who are serious about sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Organisations who are awarded this label, achieve results that exceed those demanded by mandatory laws and regulations.