About Bouwinvest

Bouwinvest Real Estate Investment Management (REIM) B.V. (“Bouwinvest”), is specialised in managing real estate portfolios for institutional investors. Bouwinvest currently manages three Dutch sector funds and also manages mandates for institutional real estate investments in Europe, the United states and Asia/Pacific. Total assets under management are EUR 5.7 billion. Bouwinvest currently has 136 employees.

Bouwinvest comprises of three business units: Asset Management, Property Development and International Investments. These units are supported by several staff departments: Investor Relations, Research, Legal & Compliance, Marketing & Communications, Corporate Control, Risk Management and Treasury and Reporting.

Bouwinvest and sustainability

Basis for all aspects of business management at Bouwinvest is the trust of our stakeholders. This has everything to do with integrity, openness and sustainable entrepreneurship. These are fundamental conditions for the durable achievement of our performance objectives. Bouwinvest has, as real estate manager for institutional investors, naturally a long-term horizon. We develop real estate and, because we subsequently also manage the exploitation of these and other acquired buildings, are committed for the long run. We invest in the quality of real estate projects under management, which contributes to a sustainable and socially responsible situation in the near vicinity of our developments.

One example is the favourable energy performance of our buildings. Of our office portfolio 82% carries a ‘green’ label. Furthermore, Bouwinvest has invested considerably in area development, resulting in enjoyable and safe business areas and neighbourhoods where people live and work longer and more pleasurable. So, financial performance and sustainability can coexist, according to our experiences. We are convinced that  sustainable and responsible business operations contribute to maintaining stable performance levels. Today, tomorrow and in the future.

Bouwinvest in figures:

The real estate portfolio of Bouwinvest consists of approximately 15,000 residences, 263,000 m2 of office space, approximately 180,000 m2 in retail property and approximately 44,000 m2 other real estate (hotels and specialties). Bouwinvest has invested approximately EUR 1.5 billion in international funds, both in Europe, the United States and the Asia/Pacific region. Total assets under management are EUR 5.7 billion. Bouwinvest currently has 136 employees.