The Hague, international city of peace and justice. Third largest city in the Netherlands, official seat of the Crown and the Government. home to hundreds of international organisations and multinationals and one of the world’s top three UN cities. 

The Hague is one of the most attractive cities in Europe for the establishment of a company. With a population of 500.000 inhabitants, various business clusters (energy, finance, telecom), top quality educational facilitiesand a higly educated workforce. The Hague is strategically located in the western part of the Netherlands, in the heart of one of the largest urban centres. With excellent connactions by rail, road and the internetto the rest of the Netherlands and Europe. With two international airports within easy reach, Rotterdam-The Hague International Airport and Schiphol (Amsterdam) International Airport, The Hague’s strategic location and accessibility is even further enhanced.

The Hague is very pleased with the arrival of WTC The Hague, which appeals to the international business community and aims to bring corporations and organisations focussing on international trade and services closer together. This development is an excellent fit with the international profile The Hague is building for the city.